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Small yet powerful, the target nozzle will emit a fine 360o water mist directly towards any fire below at an operTating pressure of 80-90 Bar. Bridging form and function, the Aluminum misting nozzles are manufactured using an electrolytic passivation process to resist wear and erosion, while an electrostatic applied polymer finish adds an elegant final touch. Measuring 62mm in diameter and a mere 30mm in depth the mist heads are sleek and discreet.

The sleek guardian mist pump fits easily into most kitchen cabinets. The pump is attached to the incoming water supply using a ¼ inch washing machine fitting. It is wired in the electric supply via a Rotary switch or non switched fused spur. The pump its self sits in metal casing weighing in at 45kgs and is 600mm x 600mm x 300 mm in size.

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