Mist Systems

How A Water Mist Fire suppression System Works.

When it comes to protecting you, your family and your home from a fire, a high pressured water mist fire suppression system is one of the most effective tools on the market and comes with great advantages compared to original sprinkler systems.

  • Mist fire suppression systems create a fine mist of water droplets that can quickly extinguish a fire.
  • The mist is created by a pump which forces the water through a nozzle situated in the ceiling at high pressure, somewhere between 80 to 90 bar.
  • The nozzles in the ceiling each contain a frangible bulb, that heats up in the event of a fire, at 57 degrees this bulb pops allowing the water to flow through the nozzle and exiting as mist into the room and the area of the fire.
  • When the mist comes into contact with the flames, it cools the fire and prevents it from spreading.
  • These systems are discreet, modern and effective. The systems are designed to blend into any modern home layout and style.
  • They can also be personalised to fit a rooms aesthetics.

The Benefits Of A Water Mist System.

Easy Installation

Discreet Design

Rapid Response

Significant Savings

Uses just 12ltrs/min at 1 Bar of pressure

Connects direct to water mains, no need for water storage tanks

Uses 80% Less water than standard sprinklers

Low Maintenance

Why Choose Smartmist™ Guardian System

National Installation

Have access to in house specialised system engineers.

Building Control Approved

Full British Standards compliance, providing easier approval for Building Control & Local Authorities.

UK Designed & Built

Tested to strict ISO9001 Quality Standards.

Technological Innovation

Using watermist technology to efficiently tackle fire, damping smoke, removing oxygen and reducing heat to control the spread of fire.

Enhanced Fire Protection

The Guardian system uses a unique, entirely natural additive which provides rapid cooling abilities and coats the area in a fire resistant barrier to prevent the spread of fire.

The Guardian system is an ideal solution for residential properties such as:

Luxury Flats & Apartments
Loft Conversions & Basement extensions
Open Plan Living areas
Modular Homes
Residential Flats & Apartments
New Build Developments

Fireproof your property

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